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With over 200 underlying assets available, Q8 Trade is your gateway to a world of trading. Find out what products you can use to make a killing on the financial markets.


Where low costs meet high liquidity, the forex market can mean big profits for savvy traders. At Q8 Trade, you can open positions on major currency pairs – including USD/JPY, EUR/USD and GBP/USD – or choose from dozens of minors or exotics.

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Profit from price changes without ever buying a physical asset when you trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Q8 Trade specialises in this innovative product, with over 200 underlying assets ready to trade. Conquer the basics and get ready to launch your trading career.



When the world’s largest stocks come together, you can feel the pulse of the equity markets. Take the temperature of the financial world – trade indices giants like the FTSE 100, Nikkei and the S&P 500.

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Master microeconomics in its purest form and predict the future of the world’s most famous companies. Practice the ultimate in precision and analyse data from Google, Gazprom and more.

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Make money from bumper harvests and barely lift a finger when you trade on commodities. Typically raw materials, values can fluctuate wildly due to environmental and geopolitical disasters.

 Crude oil

When currency and equity markets collide, traders speculating on crude oil can flourish.


Glittering gold has been coveted for millennia and is cutting-edge way to get wealthy fast.


With a unique trading dynamic, this is where precious metal meets industrial metal.

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