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Life is short and the financial markets wait for no one. That’s why all of our transaction methods are efficient, user-friendly and super-secure. Deposit to conquer the financial markets. Withdraw your profits to enjoy the fruits of your labour. It’s simple.

How do I deposit?

It’s easy to deposit at Q8 Trade. After you log in, hit Deposit on the main trading platform screen and enter your payment information.


How long until my deposit hits my Q8 Trade account?

It depends on the deposit method you choose, but credit cards are usually the quickest and easiest method for depositing.

Credit card

Deposits appear in your Q8 Trade account instantly.

Bank wires (SWIFT, CHAPS)

Deposits take between three and five business days to appear in your Q8 Trade account.


Deposits appear in your Q8 Trade account instantly.



Remember, these time frames are approximations. As Q8 Trade doesn’t control the entire process, there could be occasional delays.


Can I deposit with a prepaid Visa card or a gift card?

Yes, if your prepaid Visa or gift card is international, we can accept it – simply scan both sides of the card and send the PDFs to us. However, when it comes time to withdraw, you can only withdraw via the same card.


Is there a minimum amount I can deposit?

Yes, and it varies depending on your deposit method.


Credit card

The minimum deposit is $250.


Bank wire

The minimum deposit is $500.



The minimum deposit is $250.


Can I use an online bank transfer or bill payment service to deposit into my Q8 Trade account?

Yes, you can use any online bank – local or international – transfer or bill payment service to deposit into your Q8 Trade account. Just remember that you must transfer from an account in your own name and you must provide all necessary identifying information, including your Q8 Trade account details.


Can I deposit funds directly to Q8 Trade by using an ATM or asking a teller in my local bank branch?

Yes, you can transfer from any bank – local or international – to your Q8 Trade account. Just remember that you must transfer from an account in your own name and you must provide all necessary identifying information, including your Q8 Trade account details.

Does Q8 Trade charge a deposit fee?

No, we don’t have administrative fees for depositing, but you should contact your bank about any fees they – or intermediary banks – might charge.


Does Q8 Trade charge for currency conversion?

No, all credit card transactions are converted to the base currency of your Q8 Account without any fee. Although Q8 Trade doesn’t charge for currency conversion, you may be charged additional fees by your bank.


How can I check my deposit status?

Simply click on Transaction History to check the status of all of your deposits and withdrawals.


How much should I deposit?

This figure is personal to you – it reflects your budget, knowledge and ambition – but you should never deposit more than you can afford. Because everyone is different, we have four different account types to suit every trader’s individual needs. Depending on how much you deposit, you’ll have a [Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum account]. As your deposit level increases, you’ll get even greater rewards and unlock your Power to Grow*.


Who should I send the bank wire transfer to?

Bank wire transfers should be sent to Q8 Trade Ltd. Check out the Bank Wire Transfer page for more details.



Is my credit card deposit considered a cash advance?

No, card deposits appear on your issuer’s statement as a purchase.


Will I receive a receipt for my credit card deposit?

Yes, an email detailing your transaction will be sent straight to your email address within seconds of making a deposit.


What should I do if my credit card deposit was declined, but my card has been charged?

Don’t worry – when any card transaction is declined, the funds will be returned to your account within a few business days. If you have any questions about this, simply [get in touch].


Does Q8 Trade accept third party deposits?

No, we don’t. Third party deposits violate our anti-money laundering policies. If third party funds are received, we may ask for additional documentation like a wire confirmation or a bank statement.

Any deposit received from an account with a name that does not match the Q8 Trade account holder’s is considered a third party deposit. This also applies to corporate funds received for an individual’s account. We can’t guarantee the receipt or return of these payments.



  1. Robert Smith opens a Q8 Trade account under his name. He tries to deposit using his wife’s credit card, which is registered under her name, Emma Smith. The deposit will be declined because it is not Robert Smith’s card.
  2. Robert Smith and Emma Smith open a joint trading account at Q8 Trade. Any deposits from our individual bank accounts or our joint bank accounts are acceptable.
  3. Robert Smith’s company is Smith’s Plumbing LLC. He opens a corporate account with Q8 Trade in the name Smith’s Plumbing LLC. When he tries to deposit using his personal credit card, the deposit is rejected. He must only deposit from a bank account registered under the name Smith’s Plumbing LLC.


Can I deposit through an exchange house?

No, you can’t. These financial institutions are considered high-risk for money laundering, so any funds received via exchange houses will be returned.


Can I deposit in a currency not listed on your website.

Yes, you can. If you deposit in a currency other than the denomination of your bank account, your bank automatically converts the currency at the bank’s own exchange rate. This might not be favourable.


Can I deposit using cash, a money order or Traveler’s Cheque?

No, you can’t. This is because we can’t verify the origin of cash or cash equivalents. If we do receive them, they’ll be returned.