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About Q8 Trade

Trade with powerful, transparent technology

Q8 Trade is a brand owned and operated by Q8 securities company which is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority under the license number AP/2013/0012 , Q8 Trade brings international brokers with decades of experience to forex and CFD traders of every level. Our advanced MT4 trading platform combines simplicity and power to make trading lightning fast – choose from forex or commodities, stocks and indices CFDs. Get the ultimate trading experience anytime, anywhere on our sleek mobile app and web browser platform.

Trade safely, stay secure

We guard your security fiercely. We give you an extra layer of protection by keeping all trader funds in a fully segregated Kuwaiti bank account. Every single account is protected by SSL encryption and we have systems running 24/7 to ensure privacy.

The gateway to capital markets

We know that making profits is your ultimate goal. That’s why our expert team has hand-picked a selection of tradable assets. Major forex pairs, equity indices like S&P 500, commodities such as gold or oil, stocks including Google. We have it all.

Experts who work for you

Our financial experts and experienced brokers never stop researching, analysing and strategizing on your behalf. Come to our luxury offices in the Kuwait City Stock Exchange for a one-on-one consultation with your account manager.

Get an extra edge

An extra edge is essential in the financial world. Power to Grow* is a unique set of tools that unlocks your potential. Plus with personal follow up, webinars and more, traders can take their skills to the next level with our expert educational material.

Sign up and conquer the markets in minutes on our dynamic, user-friendly platform.

Our history

Although the forex and CFD trading platform Q8 Trade launched in 2017, we didn’t just spring out of thin air. Our background is steeped in tradition – Q8 Securities is our parent company. Like both of our parents, our number one goal is the happiness, security and success of our traders.

Q8 Securities was established in 1985 as Al-Arabi and rebranded in 2017. This successful brokerage firm facilitates investments in equities and derivatives both inside Kuwait and in international markets.

Working with corporate advisory, direct investments and investment management, it advises both individuals and institutions inside Kuwait and beyond.